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Or take a look at some of the last projects I have worked on.


Proof - Into The Scenes McCarter Theatre / Editor
The Ariel Effect: A Mexico Story / Editor
NYTimes Op-Doc: Sex Crime Offenders
CBI Honoree: Skidmore College
Behind the Scenes with Jessica - camera & editor
White Alligator - Trailer & Film Editor
Dave Brown, Longview Farm - Editor
LEL Spring Trends - Camera & Editor

Walking Suburbia

Dry Fields


In Location

Coney Island



I am a freelance video editor and filmmaker from Spain based in Brooklyn since 2010. I graduated with a BA in Film and Communications and did part of my studies in the US and The Netherlands. Since then I have been split between two cities that I love, Barcelona and New York. When I am not editing I am taking pictures and creating things like my collages and I am always looking for new opportunities and projects to contribute my technical and creative skills to. You can also follow me at bluesans.tumblr.com  

Recent clients include: DirecTV, Teale Productions, Transient Pictures, Jackson Films Inc., East Pleasant, New York Film Academy or Jazzheads. Download¬†Resume